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Michael Hardy

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Michael Hardy, who before his death had been leader of the hunt in Sheepwash Vale.

John Jorrocks

John Jorrocks, a wealthy but lower-class grocer and a lover of fox hunting. He is invited to come to Handley Cross to revive fox hunting.

Julia Jorrocks

Julia Jorrocks, his wife.

Belinda Jorrocks

Belinda Jorrocks, his pretty niece, who adds to his popularity.


Pigg, a Scot of puny appearance but enormous appetite, hired by Jorrocks as a huntsman.

Dr. Swizzle

Dr. Swizzle, whose discovery of the curative powers of a local spring makes Handley Cross a fashionable watering place.

Dr. Mello

Dr. Mello, another shady doctor who nightly pours Epsom salts into his own spring.

Captain Doleful

Captain Doleful, a lean, hypocritical soldier on half pay who thinks Handley Cross should have social life and a hunt club. It is he who invites Jorrocks to Handley Cross.

Mrs. Barnington

Mrs. Barnington, the leader of the social set in Handley Cross.


Fleeceall, a social secretary who helps Doleful select Jorrocks.

The Earl of Bramber

The Earl of Bramber, the owner of Ongar Castle, where Jorrocks mistakenly becomes an overnight guest and ends up sleeping in the bathhouse.

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