Hamlet Dramatis Personae
by William Shakespeare

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Dramatis Personae

CLAUDIUS, King of Denmark
GERTRUDE, Queen of Denmark, mother of Hamlet
Ghost of Hamlet's Father
HAMLET, son to the late King, and nephew to Claudius, the present King.
OPHELIA, daughter of Polonius
HORATIO, friend of Hamlet
POLONIUS, Lord Chamberlain, advisor to Claudius
LAERTES, son of Polonius
VOLTIMAND, courtier
CORNELIUS, courtier
OSRIC, courtier
A Gentleman, courtier
A Priest
MARCELLUS, an officer
BERNARDO, an officer
FRANCISCO, a soldier
REYNALDO, servant to Polonius
FORTINBRAS, Prince of Norway
     Two Clowns, gravediggers
     A Norwegian Captain.
     English Ambassadors
     Lords, Ladies, Officers, Soldiers, Sailors, Messengers, Attendants