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Act V Questions and Answers


  1. Why is it controversial for Ophelia to be given some form of Christian burial?
  2. Why does Hamlet comment on Alexander the Great when he is looking at all the skulls in the ground?
  3. How does Hamlet react when he realizes that the funeral he is watching is Ophelia’s?
  4. What did Hamlet do when he found out about the king’s secret orders for him to be killed in England?
  5. What excuse does Hamlet give Laertes for killing Polonius?
  6. What happens to the poisoned wine during the duel?
  7. How do both Hamlet and Laertes end up struck by the poisoned sword?
  8. What prompts Laertes to confess his and Claudius’s plot to Hamlet?
  9. What does Hamlet do once Claudius’s treachery has been exposed?
  10. What does Fortinbras do when he arrives and sees the bloody scene?


  1. It is suspected that Ophelia committed suicide, which would traditionally make her ineligible for a Christian burial.
  2. Looking at the skulls, Hamlet realizes that all men are equal in death and speculates that the dust of Alexander the Great might now be used in the clay that stops up beer barrels.
  3. Hamlet is...

(The entire section is 365 words.)