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How does Hamlet qualify as a revenge tragedy according to critics?

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Since you've asked for critical responses, here are a few. Links to the articles in EBSCO appear below.

Abstract from the article, "Shakespeare's Hamlet":

Demonstrates that Hamlet purposely murders Polonius in the play 'Hamlet,' written by William Shakespeare. Description of the slaying in act 3, scene 3 of the play; Reason for the desire of Hamlet to kill Claudius; Other characters of the play who seek revenge against others.

Citation: Sterling, Eric. Explicator, Fall2001, Vol. 60 Issue 1, p2, 4

Abstract of "Shakespeare, Revenge Tragedy, and the Ideology of "Memento Mori":

Discusses how Shakespeare's works on revenge differ from the treatment of memento mori in his contemporaries' works. Displacement of orthodox religious ideology in English stage; Shakespeare's fidelity to tradition; Modes of expressing fascination with death; Perversion and subversion of religious discourse; Shakespeare's `Hamlet'; `Hamlet' versus other plays.

Citiation: Jacobs, Henry E. Shakespeare Studies, v. 21 (1993) p. 96-108.

Abstract of "The Case of Hamlet's Conscience":

Explores possible meanings of the concept of conscience in William Shakespeare's 'Hamlet.' Indications of Hamlet's conscience; Interpretations of Hamlet's problems; Depiction of revenge in the play; Popular treatments of cases of conscience.

Citation: Belsey, Catherine. Studies in Philology, Spring79, Vol. 76 Issue 2, p127, 22p; (AN 5242498)

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