Who are two authors and a journal that publish articles about the Oedipus complex in Hamlet?

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I'll give you the titles and authors of two articles written in scholarly journals dealing with the Oedipus complex in Hamlet.

The first essay is by the renowned psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan; Lacan wrote an essay on desire in Hamlet in the journal Yale French Studies called, "Desire and the Interpretation of Desire in Hamet." This essay has pros and cons for using it: though it is extremely credible and influential, Lacan is often difficult to understand, so you might need to read it multiple times to really get at his meaning.

The second is a little bit old, but it's a foundational essay in psychoanalysis as it relates to Hamlet.  It is by Ernest Jones and is founde in the journal American Imago. Since the publication of this essay, scholars have debated the presence of the Oedipus complex in Hamlet very fervently; some believe it is truly there and is a foundational point of the play, while others believe it is being read into the work.

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