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Research how many family-owned ranches there were in the United States in 1936 and how many family-owned ranches are in the United States today. Look up the geographic concentrations of these ranches in both time periods and plot them both on separate maps of the United States. Compare the two maps and discuss any related trends in ranching, the economy, or society that have affected the number of family-owned ranches.

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Research the methods used in modern cattle slaughter. Compare these methods to the method that Tin Head uses on the half-skinned steer in the story.

Investigate the current research in the ongoing debate over whether meat is an essential part of a person’s diet. Create a nutrition chart that compares the advantages and disadvantages of a meat-eater’s diet, then do the same for a vegetarian’s diet, using your research to support your claims.

Research the psychology behind human memory. Create a diagram of the brain that indicates where memory functions reside and how they work.

Find one other case from any point in history where a person died as a result of underestimating his or her susceptibility to death in a dangerous situation. Write a short biography of this person, including a description about the event that led to this person’s death.

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