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This Tempest would be brilliant: the best thing he'd ever done. He had been—he realizes now—unhealthily obsessed with it. It was like the Taj Mahal, an ornate mausoleum raised in honor of a beloved shade, or a priceless jeweled casket containing ashes. But more than that, because inside the charmed bubble he was creating, his Miranda would live again.

Felix is obsessed with his production of The Tempest. He has been planning this production for years and it is carefully crafted. Felix is to put on his version of the play at the Makeshiweg Theater Festival where he is the artistic director. He considers it to be the most important culminating moment of his life. He has put all of his creative self into the play. However, his archenemy, Tony, cancels his performance and steals his position as director.

Fool, he tells himself. She’s not here. She was never here. It was imagination and wishful thinking, nothing but that. Resign yourself. He can’t resign himself.

Felix has been mourning the loss of his daughter for twelve years. In addition to putting all of his creative soul into his play, he also has attached personal meaning to his work. He has planned to memorialize the loss of Miranda through his production of The Tempest. However, when his play is canceled, Felix is trapped in his own grief. He returns to his sad, lonely, rural home in Souther Ontario. He is completely isolated except for the ghostly company of his deceased daughter. Felix sees her ghost all over the home. He goes in and out of recognizing that it is his own imagination. Only when he hears her voice does he decide that it is time to interact with the real world.

Suddenly revenge is so close he can actually taste it. It tastes like steak, rare.

This quote exemplifies the role of revenge in the story. Hag-Seed is a rendition of The Tempest, with revenge as a central theme. Felix was the artistic director for a Canadian art festival when all of the sudden his archenemy, Tony, cancels his performance and steals his position. Felix retreats to his sad rural home. He eventually takes a new position as an instructor for a prison rehabilitation theater program which allows him to plot revenge against Tony. Felix has the prisoners pretend to riot as part of their performance of The Tempest. In the midst of the chaos, Felix is able to record Tony plotting the murder of a fellow politician. Felix salivates at the thought of revenge and uses the tape as blackmail. He ultimately wins back his job as director of the festival.