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Felix. Felix is the Prospero of Atwood’s version of the Shakespeare play, The Tempest. Felix is an ambitious art director of the Makeshiweg Theater Festival. His youngest daughter unexpectedly died at the age of three and Felix is putting on his own version of The Tempest at the festival. However, his archenemy, Tony finds a way to cancel his play. Felix retreats to his lonely rural home in Southern Ontario. He lives in solitude, haunted by the ghost of his deceased daughter. Felix determines it is time to interact with the outside world when he begins to hear his daughter’s voice. He gets a position as an instructor for a nearby prison theater program. He convinces the inmates that they want to produce his version of The Tempest. This new job gives him one last opportunity to put on his dear play.

Tony. Tony is the Antonio of this story. He is the archenemy of Felix and the ultimate antagonist. He cancels Felix’s play and then takes his position as director of the art festival. Tony climbs the ranks and becomes a politician. He is inadvertently invited to see Felix’s play in the prison in his new role. As part of his revenge on Tony, Felix has the prisoners fake a prison riot during their performance. Felix then catches Tony plotting to murder a fellow politician on camera. Felix blackmails Tony to get his old job back.

Miranda. Miranda is Felix’s deceased daughter. She appears as a fantasy conjured up by Felix’s lonely mind. Felix aims to put on the performance of a lifetime in her memory. He is devastated when he is not able to do so at the festival. However, once he is able to perform his version of The Tempest in the prison he is finally able to stop mourning her.