If I Had My Life to Live Over, I Would Pick More Daisies

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If I Had My Life to Live Over, I Would Pick More Daisies

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

-IF I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER, I WOULD PICK MORE DAISIES offers a rare opportunity for readers to listen to women’s voices speaking about life issues and life choices that, for them, matter most. Most important, the women in this book represent all walks of life rather than simply “notable women” one hears about every day in the news. The contributors make highly personal assessments of their lives, evaluating what they have done, why they made the choices they did, and how they feel about where those decisions brought them.

The writers speak as women in various stages of life about the things that are important to them, choices that have shaped the direction of their lives. Some women express satisfaction with where they have come and how they got there—as daughters, mothers, wives, lovers, and professionals. Others view their lives as missed opportunities and clearly define in their stories or poems what it was that they now wish they had done differently, for the choice that they did make, in their opinion, has brought less-than-rewarding results in later life.

As a companion to the text, the book’s photographs provide moving commentary on women in later life; all are touching reminders that women, no matter their age, have aspirations, regrets, and fire. Reading the poems, stories, and personal narratives alongside the photographs will offer any reader powerful insight into the concerns that shape any woman’s life.