H(esba) F(ay) Brinsmead Marcus Crouch - Essay

Marcus Crouch

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

[H. F. Brinsmead's] interest and sympathy embrace the whole spectrum of Australia, urban and rural. Her first book, Pastures of the Blue Crane …, is mostly a country book, however, and one which shows the formative influence of landscape and a free life in the open upon an unhappy, neglected girl. (p. 159)

Mrs Brinsmead shows with exquisite sensibility how a girl who has had everything in life except affection grows in contact with real problems….

No writer today knows more than Mrs Brinsmead about the workings of an adolescent girl's mind; certainly no one expounds her theme with greater affection, but it is an affection free of illusions. (p. 160)


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