H. D. American Literature Analysis - Essay

Hilda Doolittle

H. D. American Literature Analysis

(Masterpieces of American Literature)

Mysteries fascinated H. D.—the mysteries of life, of the mind, of civilization, of the past, of language—and she re-created in her writings those mysteries and her delight in discovering them. One can approach her work in the same spirit, piecing together the clues she weaves from the many disciplines and civilizations that have attempted to explain the world—her father’s world of astronomy, medieval alchemy and astrology, her mother’s Moravian religion, and Egyptian, Greek, and Roman mythology.

A central model for H. D.’s imagination was the palimpsest—the title, in fact, of her first novel. A palimpsest, a parchment or manuscript that was used in civilization’s earliest writing, was erased to make room...

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