Sister Mary Columba Offerman

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[A Room of His Own] is a candid account of the confusions, problems, apprehensions, and anguish of today's young people. The author does not give answers regarding politics, sex, war, or pornography.

Anders, the main character, goes to the city to school. He is homesick, finds it hard to make friends, cannot adjust to situations and people. His apprehensions sap the energy needed to enjoy school life. He is tempted to return to his small, home town to work in his father's grocery store and disregard his many dreams for the future. Monica Tornquist, a teenage girl who lives upstairs in the same building, is a concern of Anders. She is always in trouble of one kind or other—with the police, her mother, motorcycle gangs, etc. His every effort to befriend her meets with defeat. Anders finally concludes that, like himself, Monica has to make her own decision about what she is to do with her life.

Sister Mary Columba Offerman, in her review of "A Room of His Own," in Best Sellers (copyright 1974, by the University of Scranton), Vol. 34, No. 6, June 15, 1974, p. 148.


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