Alleen Pace Nilsen

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Today there is a lot of talk about the negative or non-existent portrayal of old people in books for young readers. That Early Spring can serve as a counterbalance. The main focus of this sequel to Mia Alone is the productive and satisfying relationship that develops between Mia and her grandmother during the last months of her grandmother's life….

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[In some ways That Early Spring] is less promising than either Mia Alone or the earlier Admission to the Feast. In one part there is a discussion group meeting at Mia's apartment in which the grandmother participates. The discussion of feminist views which ensues seems didactic rather than a natural outgrowth of the story. Nevertheless, the characterization of Mia is excellent and the reader shares her fears, uncertainties, and annoyance at herself because she can't quite match her feminist views with her romantic feelings.

Allen Pace Nilsen, in her review of "That Early Spring" (copyright © 1977 by the National Council of Teachers of English; reprinted by permission of the publisher and the author), in English Journal, Vol. 66, No. 6, September, 1977, p. 86.

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