Gulliver's giant feet walking in the diminuative forest of the lilliputians

Gulliver's Travels

by Jonathan Swift

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Part I, Chapters 7-8: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. How does Gulliver hear of the charges against him?

2. What are the main charges brought against Gulliver by the Lilliputians?

3. What is the original proposed punishment of Gulliver, and what is the final punishment?

4. Who brings about the compromise regarding Gulliver’s punishment?

5. How does Gulliver escape from the Lilliputians?

6. How does the Emperor of Blefuscu receive Gulliver?

7. How does Gulliver leave Blefuscu?

8. How does Gulliver get to England?

9. How long does he stay in England?

10. What enables him to go on his second voyage?

1. Gulliver is informed of the charges against him by “a con¬siderable person at Court” who owed Gulliver a favor.

2. The main charges brought against Gulliver by the Lilliputians are polluting the palace by urinating on it, refusing to destroy Blefuscu by taking all its ships, having conversations with its ambassadors, and planning to go there.

3. The original proposed punishment of Gulliver is death; the final punishment, to which the Lilliputians sentence him, is blinding followed by gradual starvation.

4. The Principal Secretary for Private Affairs of Lilliput, Reldresal, Gulliver’s friend, brings about the compromise by which Gulliver’s life is to be spared.

5. Gulliver escapes from Lilliput by wading and swimming to Blefuscu, putting his clothes in a Lilliputian ship which he tows with him.

6. The Emperor of Blefuscu receives Gulliver with hospitality, refusing to send him back to Lilliput.

7. Gulliver finds a real boat on the island and has it fitted out, enabling him to leave Blefuscu.

8. Gulliver gets to England after his boat is picked up by an English ship returning to England from Japan.

9. Gulliver stays in England for two months before embarking on his second voyage.

10. Gulliver is enabled to go on his second voyage without leaving his family unsupported financially because he inherits an estate from his uncle.

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