Part I, Chapters 1-4: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Where does Gulliver meet the Emperor?

2. How is Gulliver fed?

3. Why does the Lilliputian government go to such trouble to feed and shelter Gulliver if he is so dangerous because of his size?

4. What does the inventory of Gulliver’s belongings tell the reader about the differences between Lilliput and England?

5. How does Gulliver ingratiate himself to the Emperor?

6. Why does Gulliver cooperate with the Lilliputians?

7. What are some of the shows Gulliver sees and participates in, and how do high government officials participate in them?

8. What is the purpose of the agreement between Gulliver and the Lilliputians?

9. Who is Gulliver’s worst enemy at the Lilliputian court?

10. What are the main problems of Lilliput, as described to Gulliver by Reldresal?

1. Gulliver meets the Emperor for the first time in the house where he is being kept.

2. To feed Gulliver, the villages around the capital provide six beeves (oxen), forty sheep, and a proportionate quantity of other foods and beverages.

3. The Lilliputian government goes to great trouble to provide for Gulliver’s needs because he can be used as an ally against the enemy country, Blefuscu.

4. The inventory of Gulliver’s belongings tells the reader both about the difference of scale between the...

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