Gulliver's Travels Lesson Plans
by Jonathan Swift

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Gulliver's Travels Quiz - Based on Excerpts in the Holt, Rinehart, Winston Sixth Course Text

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  • What does Gulliver discover immediately when he awakens in Lilliput?
  • The Lilliputians are __________ inches tall.
  • When Gulliver moves and frightens the Lilliputians, how do they attack him?
  • Gulliver hears noise to his right for over an hour, and is finally addressed by one of the Lilliputians. He gives many explanations to justify why he thinks this particular man is important. List one.
  • How does Gulliver tell the Lilliputians that he’s hungry and thirsty?
  • When the Imperial Majesty shows up, what does he tell Gulliver will happen to him next (even though Gulliver doesn’t understand the words, only the motions)?
  • What did the Lilliputians put into the hogshead of wine that Gulliver was given to drink?
  • Gulliver lets the Lilliputians dance on/in his
  • The children play hide‐and‐seek on/in Gulliver’s
  • What does the smallness of the Lilliputians symbolize?
  • What is the purpose of the rope‐dance?
  • To what form of life does the king first compare Gulliver?
  • Gulliver lists five traits English people consider themselves. Give one.
  • What feat does Gulliver accomplish to impress the Brobdingnagians?
  • Why does Gulliver start to think of himself as small?
  • How does Swift characterize the king of Brobdingnag?
  • Define satire in literature:
  • Define exaggeration as a literary device:
  • Define understatement as a literary device:
  • Define hyperbole:
  • Define verbal irony:
  • Define situational irony:
  • Define dramatic irony:
  • According to the views Swift presents in Gulliver’s Travels, what two things are wrong with the world and its inhabitants?

About this Document

Twenty-five question short-answer quiz based on the excerpts from the HRW text for the Sixth Course (the purple book), as adopted by TN. Our excerpts are from Part I, Chapter 1 and Part II, Chapter 3.