Gulliver's Travels Additional Characters

Jonathan Swift

Empress of Lilliput

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The empress likes Gulliver at first; he charms her by kissing her hand. However, when he extinguishes the fire in her quarters of the palace...

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Flimnap is Lord High Treasurer of Lilliput and the best rope dancer in the emperor's cabinet. Swift meant him to represent politician Robert...

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Dr. Lemuel Gulliver

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Dr. Lemuel Gulliver is a medical doctor with an itch to sail the seas rather than make money by cheating his patients—a practice of many of...

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Emperor of Lilliput

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A fingernail taller than his subjects, the Lilliputian Emperor is a handsome man with strong features, an olive complexion, and a regal...

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Pronounced "Whin-ems," like a horse's whinny, the Houyhnhnm are a race of intelligent horses Gulliver encounters in Book IV. They are...

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Other Characters

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Big-Enders and inhabitants of the island across the water from Lilliput, the Blefuscudians are supportive of the...

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