Gulliver's Travels Part IV, Chapters 9-10: Summary and Analysis

Jonathan Swift

Part IV, Chapters 9-10: Summary and Analysis

New Character:
Member of Assembly of Houyhnhms: proposes to eliminate the Yahoos

The Houyhnhms hold a grand assembly about three months before Gulliver’s departure; the dapple-gray is a representative. The members debate (the only debate they ever held) whether to eliminate the Yahoos. The Yahoos had not always been in the country of the Houyhnhms; two appeared together on a mountain long ago, produced by mud or by the sea, and proceeded to multiply. To control them, the Houyhnhms killed some and tamed the rest. Asses would make better domestic animals. The dapple mentions Gulliver, and suggests that the first Yahoos to arrive in the land of the Houyhnhms came by sea like Gulliver and...

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