Gulliver's Travels Part III, Chapters 7-9: Summary and Analysis

Jonathan Swift

Part III, Chapters 7-9: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Governor of Glubbdubdrib: has ghosts for servants; acts as host to Gulliver; calls up spirits of famous historical figures at Gulliver’s request

Custom-House Officer: confines Gulliver in Luggnag

King of Luggnag: acts as Gulliver’s host; invites Gulliver to stay permanently, but he refuses

Gulliver travels to the port of Maldonada, to get a ship to Luggnag, a country which trades with Japan. There being no ship available for some time, Gulliver makes a side-trip to the small island of Glubbdubdrib, the island of sorcerers or magicians. The people are all magicians, and when Gulliver is received by the Governor of the island, he finds that, as...

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