Gulliver's Travels Part III, Chapters 1-3: Summary and Analysis

Jonathan Swift

Part III, Chapters 1-3: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Captain William Robinson: invites Gulliver on his third voyage

The Dutchman: one of the pirates who attack Gulliver’s ship; proposes that Gulliver be set adrift

The Japanese Pirate: sets Gulliver adrift

The King of the Flying Island of Laputa: interested only in mathematics, science, and astronomy; asks Gulliver only about these subjects

Ten days after his arrival in England from his second voyage, Gulliver is asked by Captain William Robinson to be ship’s surgeon, on a voyage to the East Indies, in two months. He persuades his wife, after some difficulties, to allow him to go. After spending time in India and Tonquin (part of...

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