Gulliver's Travels Part II, Chapters 5-6: Summary and Analysis

Jonathan Swift

Part II, Chapters 5-6: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
The Maids of Honor: play with Gulliver and undress in his presence, which he finds disgusting because of their immense size

Gulliver continues to be tormented by the Dwarf, is pelted by Brobdingnagian hailstones, is picked up by a dog but rescued by a gardener, and is attacked again by birds.

Glumdalclitch and Gulliver are frequently invited by the Maids of Honor of the court to their rooms. They would strip him naked and lay him full length on their bosoms. Gulliver is offended by their odor; similarly a Lilliputian had once told him that he was offended by Gulliver’s odor. The Maids of Honor undress in Gulliver’s presence, which Gulliver finds...

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