Gulliver's Travels Part II, Chapters 3-4: Summary and Analysis

Jonathan Swift

Part II, Chapters 3-4: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
The Queen of Brobdingnag: buys Gulliver from the farmer and presents him to the King

The King: ruler of Brobdingnag, a patron of scholarship; asks Gulliver to describe England to him
The Queen’s Dwarf: becomes Gulliver’s enemy because he is no longer the smallest person at court

A gentleman usher commands Gulliver’s master to bring him to the royal court for the entertainment of the Queen of Brobdingnag and the royal ladies. Gulliver expresses willingness to be sold to the Queen, and the farmer sells him to her. Gulliver then asks that Glumdalclitch continue as his nurse, and this is agreed to. Gulliver meets the King of Brobdingnag, a great...

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