Gulliver's Travels Part II, Chapters 1-2: Summary and Analysis

Jonathan Swift

Part II, Chapters 1-2: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
The Farmer’s Servant: the giant Brobdingnagian, who picks up Gulliver and takes him to his master

The Farmer: Brobdingnagian who exhibits Gulliver as a curiosity

The Farmer’s Wife: at first disgusted by Gulliver as though he were a spider, later sympathetic to him

Glumdalclitch: meaning “little nurse” in Brobdingnagian; the farmer’s daughter, whose pet Gulliver becomes, and who continues to take care of him after he is bought by the Queen of Brobdingnag

Gulliver sails for India (specifically Surat), but his ship is blown off course by a storm; an island is discovered, and Gulliver and some other men go to the island in one of...

(The entire section is 623 words.)