Gulliver's Travels Part I, Chapters 7-8: Summary and Analysis

Jonathan Swift

Part I, Chapters 7-8: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
“A Considerable person at Court”: visits Gulliver and privately gives him a copy of the articles of impeachment against him

The Emperor of Blefuscu: ruler who protects Gulliver after Gulliver, having been accused of treason by the Lilliputians, escapes to Blefuscu

Mrs. Gulliver: the patient wife of the narrator, who remains behind in England during his voyages; introduced earlier as Mary Burton, her maiden name

In Chapters Seven and Eight Gulliver, who “had been all my life,” as he says, “a stranger to Courts,” discovers their terrible effects. He is privately informed by “a considerable person at Court” of the Lilliputians’...

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