Gulliver's Travels Part I, Chapters 5-6: Summary and Analysis

Jonathan Swift

Part I, Chapters 5-6: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
The Empress of Lilliput: an enemy of Gulliver, who favors his punishment because he put out a fire in the palace in an inappropriate way

The Treasurer’s Wife: wife of Flimnap, who frequently visits Gulliver, but accompanied by a retinue; Gulliver vindicates her honor by proving that they were never alone

Clustril and Drunlo: the Treasurer’s informers cannot prove that anyone except the Treasurer (on the Emperor’s express orders) came to Gulliver incognito, but successfully damaged Gulliver’s reputation with the Treasurer and the Emperor

Gulliver wades and swims to the enemy island, Blefuscu, eight hundred yards at its nearest point from...

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