Part I, Chapters 1-4: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Lemuel Gulliver: an English physician, ship’s officer, and traveler who is the narrator of the novel

Richard Sympson: cousin of the narrator; the “Letter from Capt. Gulliver” is addressed to him; Gulliver complains that his cousin has made alterations in his manuscript; “The Publisher to the Reader” is supposed to be written by Sympson, who says that the work has an air of truth

James Bates: surgeon who supports Gulliver’s career

Mary Burton: Gulliver’s wife, daughter of a London merchant

The Hurgo: Lilliputian official who supervises Gulliver’s capture, feeds him, and sends him to the Emperor

The Emperor of Lilliput: the proud...

(The entire section is 1430 words.)