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Ketill Ørlygsson

Ketill Ørlygsson, the devious, blasphemous, and dishonest son of Ørlygur à Borg. As a parish priest eager for the family property at Borg, he seeks to destroy his father’s good name by accusing him of being the father of Runa’s child. After Ketill himself is revealed as the father, he repents of his sins and becomes a homeless and compassionate wanderer. Regarding himself as a guest on earth, and losing an eye while saving the life of a child, he becomes “Guest the one-eyed.” Finally, the old self of Ketill destroyed, he returns to Borg as Guest and is forgiven by his family.

Ormarr Ørlygsson

Ormarr Ørlygsson, Ketill Ørlygsson’s honest, intelligent, and artistic brother, who sacrifices his own concerns to marry Runa.

Ørlygur à Borg

Ørlygur à Borg, a well-to-do landowner and the father of Ketill and Ormarr. Falsely and publicly accused by his son Ketill of the crime of lust, he is killed by the knowledge of his son’s depravity.

Gudrun (Runa)

Gudrun (Runa), the daughter of a poor farmer and the mother of Ketill’s son, Ørlygur the Younger.

Pall a Seyru

Pall a Seyru, Runa’s father.

Ørlygur the Younger

Ørlygur the Younger, the son of Ketill and Runa.

Snebiorg (Bagga)

Snebiorg (Bagga), an illegitimate girl engaged to marry Ørlygur the Younger.


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