Guerrilla Marketing Excellence

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Marketing is more than advertising, just as advertising is morethan hype. Successful marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson maintains, isbuilt upon knowledge: knowledge of the product, of the customer,and of the relationship between the two. This insight, like mostof the truths found in GUERRILLA MARKETING EXCELLENCE, soundssimple when it’s reduced to print, because it is simple. It alsoworks.

What works and has worked repeatedly in the past is a keystoneto Levinson’s approach to marketing. His fifty golden rules forsmall business success constantly urge the reader to think first,develop a good, solid marketing plan, and then stick with it. Clear thinking, solid planning and patient consistency bringresults, rather than clever copy, flashy gimmicks or self-indulgentnovelty.

The fifty golden rules which Levinson advances in his book aredivided into four sections, each governing a different aspect ofmarketing: thinking, effectiveness, materials, and actions. Alongthe way his rules include insights such as “It is far easier tosell a solution to a problem than to sell a positive benefit”(Golden Rule #4); and “If you have ten hours to spend creating anad, spend nine of them on the headline” (Rule #30). Obviously,Levinson’s rules are not abstractions, but practical tools foreveryday use.

That’s the strength of GUERRILLA MARKETING EXCELLENCE, whereevery page has enough marketing tips to inspire whole campaigns ofhigher quality, and greater return, than many of us see in anentire season. Indeed, if more marketing professionals followed atleast some of Levinson’s rules, their campaigns would be moresuccessful and their customers better served.

But there’s an added value as well, and one that moves beyondthe world of marketing and advertising. In Levinson’s terms, aguerrilla is anyone who makes the most of his or her resourcesthrough careful thinking and creative planning, rather than wishfuldreaming and heedless spending. Because Levinson’s rules apply tomore than marketing, anyone, in any field or profession, who valuesinnovation and excellence will benefit from GUERRILLA MARKETINGEXCELLENCE.