Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Major General Ira N. (Bus) Beal

Major General Ira N. (Bus) Beal, commanding general of Ocanara Air Force Base. Brooding unhappily over troubles of his own, he appears unaware of the seriousness of certain tensions that have developed on the huge base until an accident occurs during a parachute jump. General Beal immediately arouses himself from his melancholy and directs rescue operations with all his old skill and resourcefulness.

Colonel Norman Ross

Colonel Norman Ross, General Beal’s air inspector and resourceful assistant in the complicated running of huge Ocanara Air Force Base.

Lieutenant Willis

Lieutenant Willis, a black pilot who violates the right of way and nearly collides with a plane piloted by General Beal. He is struck and hospitalized by Lieutenant Colonel Benny Carricker.

Lieutenant Colonel Benny Carricker

Lieutenant Colonel Benny Carricker, General Beal’s co-pilot, who strikes and hospitalizes Lieutenant Willis, thus triggering a series of problems and tensions, including a near riot, at Ocanara Air Force Base.

Brigadier General Nichols

Brigadier General Nichols, assistant to the commanding general of the Air Force. A sympathetic and tolerant man, he understands the problems of Ocanara Air Force Base at a glance.

Mr. Willis

Mr. Willis, Lieutenant Willis’ father.

Sal Beal

Sal Beal, General Beal’s wife.

Cora Ross

Cora Ross, Colonel Ross’ wife.

Lieutenant Edsell

Lieutenant Edsell, a writer assigned to Special Projects.

Lieutenant Lippa

Lieutenant Lippa, a WAC in love with Lieutenant Edsell.

Captain Nathaniel Hicks

Captain Nathaniel Hicks, an officer in Special Projects.

Second Lieutenant Amanda Turck

Second Lieutenant Amanda Turck, a WAC.

Colonel Mowbray

Colonel Mowbray, an officer on Ocanara Air Force Base.

Chief Warrant Officer Botwinick

Chief Warrant Officer Botwinick, Colonel Mowbray’s assistant.