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An analysis of Angela Duckworth's novel Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance could focus on the historical context of her research. Through this research, Duckworth is able to draw correlations between people who find success and the traits they possess which help them to be successful. In looking at the various traits and factors she studied in individuals, one can use these to try to build habits around what will help them to be successful. It will be helpful to focus on Duckworth's big ideas surrounding grit and what it takes to become gritty.

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The broader historical context analysis could be to connect past and current trends in the education system to ways teachers could help students to become more gritty, which long-term can lead to students finding success. If the education system is going to help students achieve both academically and personally, then they must help shape students into being more gritty. This broader historical analysis could also focus on parenting styles in relation to raising children who become successful adults.

Things to focus on during an analysis like this would include: the role of talent versus effort, psychological components; the role goals play in finding success; and how passion and perseverance work together to create grit.

The suggestions Duckworth shares on building grit would also be good in an analysis essay, as they would provide concrete ways educators and/or parents could work these ideas into their daily interactions with students/children. For example, highlighting the idea of deliberate practice can show a way to build grit.

Duckworth draws her ideas out even farther to correlate these ideas on grit playing a role in one's identity, stating that when gritty kids become adults, they are more likely to really know who they are because they have worked through what they want in life and how to make it happen.

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