Gretchen Cryer Julius Novick - Essay

Julius Novick

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Ms. Cryer sets forth the story of Heather Jones [in I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking It on the Road] in terms of feminist cliches. Heather tells us that she was "Daddy's smiling girl," and then she was her husband's smiling girl, because she was expected to be; but ninety-eight years after the first production of [Henrik Ibsen's] A Doll's House, this is not precisely a new insight. And I am sick and tired of the bit about the crass male who says approvingly of some bright woman that she has "brains like a man." Even if that one does persist in real life, can't we give it a rest in the theatre?

Ms. Cryer's show is not simply a performance of Heather's act; what we see is a...

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