Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Gregorio Martínez Sierra has been credited with more than two hundred titles in addition to the numerous articles that appeared in literary periodicals. Recent scholarship has unearthed the fact that his wife, María Martínez Sierra, collaborated in most works credited to Gregorio, and she was also the principal author of many of these works. Because it is not possible to ascertain with certainty which works were done by each, the couple will be treated as an artistic unit for the purposes of this article. Diálogos fantásticos (1899; fantastic dialogues) is a lyric work consisting of philosophical remarks made by Life, Death, Heart, Head, Soul, Truth, and other personified elements. Flores de escarcha (1900; frost flowers), a collection of stories written in the somewhat artificial style of the modernists, expresses a deep faith in nature’s inherent wholesomeness.

Martínez Sierra wrote several novels and novellas, among them Tú eres la paz (1906; Ana María, 1921), a romantic novel that not only foreshadowed the author’s involvement with his leading actress, Catalina Bárcena, but also introduced the strong, intelligent, and long-suffering female character that later appeared in many of his dramas.