Gregor von Rezzori Vivian Gornick - Essay

Vivian Gornick

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Jews are the complicated walking symbol of von Rezzori's alienated state, the Jews of his boyhood and young manhood. Jews he has feared, loved, desired, betrayed, degraded and been degraded by, and of whom he has said to himself, "Whatever else I am, at least I am not that, but why is it I can never get away from them?" Jews he must scorn, patronize, flee from, merge with, drown in, be endlessly embroiled with. Jews he needs to separate from, cleanse himself of, extend recognition to, come to terms with. And never does….

[Memoirs of an Anti-Semite] is composed of five pieces, four of which are highly shaped reminiscences of different periods of the author's life. Each reminiscence...

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