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Characters Discussed

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Captain Charles Warrington

Captain Charles Warrington, a fictional disguise for the Vermont patriot Seth Warner, who is the protagonist of a homespun American novel that achieved widespread popularity. Owner of land in dispute between New York and New Hampshire, Warrington is an outlaw who sometimes travels as “Mr. Howard.”

Lieutenant Selden

Lieutenant Selden later identified as Edward Hendee, Warrington’s friend, who is in love with Jessy Reed.

Colonel Reed

Colonel Reed, who, after buying a land title in Albany, has expelled the settlers and fortified the region.

Jessy Reed

Jessy Reed, his daughter, who is captured at her father’s fort by Selden. She eventually marries him.

Sergeant Donald McIntosh

Sergeant Donald McIntosh, who is in charge of the Reed fort’s garrison.


Zilpah, Jessy Reed’s half-Indian servant, who marries Neshobee.


Munroe, a New York sheriff in pursuit of Warrington.


Neshobee, a friendly Indian who brings Warrington a warning from Mrs. Story that a band of New Yorkers is planning an attack.

Ann Story

Ann Story, a widow who is resisting eviction from her farm. She has built an underground shelter for her family.

Jacob Sherwood

Jacob Sherwood, Munroe’s guide and a Tory turncoat in the pay of New York. He loves Alma Hendee but does not win her.

Pete Jones

Pete Jones, a Green Mountain Boy who captures and beats Sherwood.

Colonel Skene

Colonel Skene, with whose daughters Jessy Reed takes refuge.

Alma Hendee

Alma Hendee, whose family farms land on Lake Champlain. She marries Warrington.

Captain Hendee

Captain Hendee, her father, whose estate had been squandered by Sherwood’s father.

Gilbert Hendee

Gilbert Hendee, the captain’s brother, who is persuaded by Sherwood’s father to will Jacob the estate if little Edward Hendee fails to reach maturity.


Ruth, Alma’s maid, who marries Pete Jones in a quadruple wedding.

Bill Darrow

Bill Darrow, the partner of Sherwood, who, when dying, confesses to the kidnapping of Edward Hendee, and identifies Selden as the son of Captain Hendee.

Ethan Allen

Ethan Allen, the leader of the Green Mountain Boys. He sometimes travels as “Mr. Smith.” He brings the news of Lexington and Concord to the Green Mountain Boys.

Squire Prouty

Squire Prouty, a York justice of the peace captured by the Green Mountain Boys.

Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold, who helps capture Fort Ticonderoga.

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