Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Abel Guevez de Argensola

Abel Guevez de Argensola (ah-BEHL geh-VEHS deh ahr-gehn-SOH-lah), a Venezuelan living in Georgetown, British Guiana. Uninterested in politics, sport, or commerce, he loves the world of nature and the spirit. As a youth he was involved in an abortive Caracas political conspiracy. Fleeing for his life, he disappeared into the Guayana wilderness and lived for some months among the Indians and with Nuflo and Rima. Loving Rima with an etherealized but passionate love, he (with Nuflo) accompanied her in a fruitless search for her mother’s people. Maddened and grief-stricken upon learning of Rima’s murder, he fled from Runi’s village, returned after it was sacked by Managa, gathered Rima’s ashes in an urn, and, half-dead, finally reached Georgetown, where he has since lived. Having loved and lost Rima, he understands the loneliness she felt when she longed for her mother’s people.


Riolama (rree-oh-LAH-mah), or Rima (RREE-mah), a girl of the Venezuelan forest. Daughter of an unknown father and a mysterious young woman whose life Nuflo saved about seventeen years earlier, she has been brought up by the old man, who pretends that he is her grandfather. Slim, less than five feet tall, with delicately small hands and feet, she is like the...

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