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Don Anselmo

Don Anselmo (ahn-SEHL-moh), an imaginative individual, a harpist and founder of the original “Green House” in Piura. Along with several others, Anselmo provides residents of this barrio with a much needed sense of pride and self-esteem. He temporarily fills the community’s need for a positive self-image. In the novel, the rise and fall of Anselmo and the Green House are paralleled. Even though he and the Green House ultimately are defeated, Anselmo attains heroic stature as a result of his courage, perseverance, and capacity for sacrifice.

The Sergeant

The Sergeant, Lituma (lee-TEW-mah), a national policeman from Piura who is stationed near the jungle. The story of Lituma’s confrontation with Chapiro Seminario, and the latter’s death in a macho game of Russian roulette suggested by Lituma, provides a clear illustration of how group values, when put to the test, deprive the individual of the independence of judgment, response, and feeling that are necessary to achieve personal autonomy.


Bonifacia (boh-nee-FAH-see-ah), also called Wildflower, an Indian girl of mysterious origins who is taken from her home and reared in a convent. Her one outstanding physical characteristic is her green eyes. Expelled from the convent when she allows the other Indian girls to escape, she...

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Characterization in Vargas Llosa's novel does not emphasize psychological development. He describes each character's existence on a surface...

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