Green Hills of Africa

by Ernest Hemingway

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Last Updated on June 19, 2019, by eNotes Editorial. Word Count: 311

Hemingway: Hemingway himself is a character. The Hemingway we see here is iconic: a big game hunter merged with man of letters, engaging in conversation and opinions about a number of famous writers, including Gertrude Stein.

P.O.M.: Hemingway's wife is referred to as Poor Old Momma. Her real name is Pauline Marie Pfeiffer. P.O.M. participates fully in the safari. She is allowed first shot at the first lion and downs it with one shot. Hemingway says of her: "Her courage was so automatic and so much a simple state of being that she never thought of danger." He likens her to a lean, racy greyhound. P.O.M tends to disparage her own abilities as a hunter.

M’Cola: M'Cola is a servant who carries Hemingway's gun, provides much information about hunting, and greatly admires P.O.M.'s hunting abilities.

Karl Kabor: Karl is a friend from Key West, Florida. Hemingway describes Karl as a lesser walker and lesser hunter, as well as an unselfish and kind person whom he has not treated badly, but not treated well. Kabor irks Hemingway by bagging a bigger rhino, making Hemingway's rhino look paltry in comparison.

Pop: Pop is an expert British safari hunter who uses salty language and knows the terrain well and how to track the game. For example, he says: "I’m sure the bastards are down there on the salt. The cows are in the hills but I don’t believe the bulls are with them now. Then you get there in the evening and there are the tracks." According to Hemingway, Pop never drinks before noon.

Kandisky: Kandisky is an Austrian they meet on the safari. He wears leather breeches. He has heard of Hemingway, which flatters him, but he sometimes makes fun of the Americans, whom he thinks lack understanding of the world.

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