To Green Angel Tower

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Had the world not turned topsy-turvy in a battle between good and evil, where even the immortals are at war, Simon would probably have remained nothing more than the scullion he used to be. But in this, the third book of the MEMORY, SORROW AND THORN trilogy, Simon is knighted by Prince Joshua Lackhand.

Joshua is rallying his forces in attempt to dethrone his brother Elias, who has sided with the evil Storm King, and is being aided by the renegade priest Pryrates and the immortal Norns. On Joshua’s side is a troop of trolls, and the Sithi, relatives of the Norns, and themselves immortal.

Meanwhile, Miriamele, daughter of Elias, has fled her father’s castle and is trying to find her uncle Joshua. She is captured by the Earl Aspitis, who recognizes her despite her disguise and who intends on marrying her by force.

Bit by bit, the plot unravels, the connections between the characters become clear, until the final battle between good and evil takes place.

TO GREEN ANGEL TOWER is long and complex, featuring a huge cast of characters with intertwining lives, diverse cultural traditions, old alliances and unresolved feuds, and a budding romance that complicates the story even more. Synopses of the first two books in the trilogy help to get the reader acquainted with the current situation, and the appendix might act as a reminder should the reader get a little lost in this vast world.

Not a quick read, this book is meant to be savored over a period of time.