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What have you learned about the character Teiresias in Greek mythology?

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There is a large variable in this question that will cause individual people to answer differently from each other. Because the question asks about what "you" learned from cursory Google searching, each person's answer is going to be different. Each person is likely to be going into the search with varying amounts of knowledge regarding this character. What you will need to list is anything that you didn't previously know about Teiresias. Additionally, I would advise you to take some caution with the Google searching. Anybody can create a website, and anybody can write what they want to write about Teiresias on a particular website; therefore, I would caution against writing down anything and everything that appears on whatever website pops up in the Google search. I recommend being picky about sources. If you can find sources that are .net, .org, .edu, and/or .gov, those are going to be higher quality sources than a random .com. Students are also often tempted to glean information from Wikipedia. Often, the information is good; however, the nature of a Wiki means that just about anybody can make contributions and changes to the page. This works well in a lot of cases, but it also doesn't guarantee accuracy in the way that a .edu source does. If you have to use a .com, then I recommend something like That is at least tied to a published encyclopedia. As for what to list in your answer, I would include the fact that Teiresias is blind and some of his basic genealogy. His gender changes are also particularly interesting.

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