Cosmogonies And Divinities In Greek Mythology - Essay

Cosmogonies And Divinities In Greek Mythology

(Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism)

G. S. Kirk (essay date 1974)

SOURCE: "The Mythos of the Gods and the Early History of Men," in The Nature of Greek Myths, Penguin Books, 1974, pp. 113-44.

[In the following essay, Kirk identifies three categories of myths about Greek divinities: those dealing with the origins of the universe; those that concern the development of the Olympian gods; and those that deal with the creation of men, their place in the world, and their relationship with the gods. Kirk reviews the content, themes, and folktale-type motifs found in these types of myths.]

In considering Greek myths in detail my plan is not to attempt a complete survey, but rather to...

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