(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Diony Hall Jarvis

Diony Hall Jarvis, a pioneer wife and a lover of books and learning who is by nature introspective and is often philosophical and poetic in her thoughts. She frequently muses over her own identity and the part she is playing in the settling of a new land. She sees herself and the others creating order out of disorder. Combining the idealist and the practical woman, she trains herself carefully for her mission by learning the homely arts that will be needed to establish enduring order. When, after Berk’s return, she is faced with the problem of choosing between her two husbands, she is loyal to the one to whom she first gave herself.

Berk Jarvis

Berk Jarvis, her husband, a strong, adventurous, restless fighting man experienced in enduring the many hardships of pioneer life and the dangers of Indian warfare. Intent on avenging his mother’s murder and bringing back her hair, he leaves his wife and child in order to achieve his goal. He represents the early pioneers who opened the wilderness for white American occupancy and who fought the Indians and the British who tried to drive them out.

Evan Muir

Evan Muir, married to Diony after Berk’s supposed death. Patient, industrious, and capable, he is a symbol of the men who followed the wilderness trail blazers and conquerors. Such men as Evan were needed to establish the settlements and homesteads on a...

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