The Great Gatsby Themes

The Great Gatsby key themes:

  • In The Great Gatsby, new money and old money clash as self-made men like Gatsby enter the social sphere of old families like the Buchanans.
  • The American Dream rings hollow as wealth and power result not in contentment but corruption and moral dissolution.
  • Dreams and reality blur for Gatsby, and he sacrifices everything for an idea of Daisy that isn't real. This leads to his tragic end.
  • The East Coast and American Midwest contrast in the same way East Egg and West Egg contrast: the West represents a hopeful new world, whereas the East is old-fashioned and materialistic.
  • We also have chapter by chapter analyses of literary devices.


Fitzgerald's ambitions as a writer paralleled those of his spiritual ancestors of the nineteenth century (Melville, Whitman, Thoreau), who...

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The Great Gatsby Themes

Culture Clash
By juxtaposing characters from the West and East in America in The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald was...

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