The Great Gatsby Overview Quiz

Review F. Scott Fitzgerald's most famous novel with eNotes' The Great Gatsby Overview Quiz. Designed to test you on the work's major and minor details, this quiz contains 10 questions on The Great Gatsby's setting, characters, and plot. 

  1. How does Gatsby behave at his own parties?

  2. Who is "Pammy"?

  3. How do Gatsby's party guests treat his home?

  4. "The Eyes of Dr. Eckleberg" refers to:

  5. How many years have passed since Daisy and Gatsby last met?

  6. Where did Daisy first meet Gatsby?

  7. Which two characters die near the end of the novel?

  8. With whom does Tom have an affair?

  9. Who drives the car that kills Myrtle?

  10. Where is Gatsby's home located?