The Great Gatsby Chapter 8 Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Chapter 8 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How late does Gatsby stand outside Daisy’s house, waiting to see if she needed him?

2. Why is Gatsby’s house unkempt?

3. Why does Nick advise Gatsby to go away a while?

4. Where had Gatsby met Daisy, according to the story he tells Nick?

5. What might Fitzgerald mean in describing Daisy’s porch as “bright with the bought luxury of starshine”?

6. Why didn’t Gatsby return to Daisy immediately after the war?

7. When Gatsby returned to Louisville, where was Daisy?

8. Why is the chauffeur about to drain the pool?

9. Why does Gatsby ask him to wait?

10. After learning who owns the yellow death car, what does Wilson do?

1. He waits until 4:00 a.m.

2. He has released all of his servants.

3. Nick is confident the car will be traced to Gatsby, putting Gatsby’s life in jeopardy.

4. He met her while he was at Camp Taylor from which he and other officers went to visit Daisy.

5. The brightness in her description results from somebody’s materialism.

6. He was sent to study at Oxford.

7. She was on her wedding trip with Tom.

8. With autumn approaching, leaves will fall and clog up the pipes.

9. He plans to take his first swim of the season in it.

10. Wilson kills Gatsby and then turns the gun on himself.