Chapter 7 Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Why does Gatsby let all his domestic help go?

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2. Whom does he use instead?

3. Why do the characters decide to go to New York?

4. What does Pammy wear when she comes into the room?

5. What does Gatsby say about Daisy’s voice?

6. What does Tom drive to New York?

7. Who rides with Gatsby?

8. What comment does Tom make about drug stores?

9. Of what does Tom accuse Gatsby?

10. How old is Nick at the party?

1. He dismisses them to accommodate meetings with Daisy and her wish for privacy.

2. He uses connections of Wolfsheim’s, people who owed him favors.

3. They want to escape the heat and boredom.

4. Like her mother, she wears white.

5. Her voice is “full of money.”

6. He drives Gatsby’s yellow car.

7. Only Daisy rides with Gatsby.

8. You can buy gasoline or most anything else at such stores—even liquor, he implies.

9. He accuses him of bootlegging, gambling, swindling, and even something bigger and more damaging than these.

10. Nick turns 30 years old on this day.

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