What is your response to the story of The Great Gatsby?

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If you're referring to personal responses to The Great Gatsby, that is really something you have to write about yourself.  My response won't be the same as yours.  I'll give you some things to consider:

  • the novel is predominantly a love story:  what is your response to Gatsby's love for Daisy?
  • what is your response to Daisy's love, or her lack of love, for Gatsby?
  • who do you find yourself sympathizing with?  Gatsby?  Daisy?  Tom?  Myrtle?
  • who's to blame for the tragic ending?  Who do you think is most responsible?
  • do you think everyone in real life is as blind as these characters seem to be?
  • how do you think you'd like living in the 1920's after reading the novel?
  • which characters in the novel do you really like or dislike?
  • how honest do you think Nick really is?

The above should help you develop a personal response to the novel. 

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Please give us more information -- are you referring to the critical response to the novel? If so, you can read about this here on eNotes at the link below. This novel was Fitzgerald's third novel. His first novel, This Side of Paradise, was well-received, but his second was not as successful (The Beautiful and the Damned), so Fitzgerald was worried about how this third one would be received. It wound up being very well received and today is considered his best novel. Contemporary critics as well as fellow novelists mostly praised The Great Gatsby, but there were some comments that were not 100% favorable. You can read about those comments at the link below.

If this is not what you are asking, please re-post your question.

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