In The Great Gatsby, what happened at Daisy and Gatsby's reunion?

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The reunion between Gatsby and Daisy takes place in Chapter V, which is approximately the mid-point of the book. Gatsby and Nick have arranged for the reunion to take place at Nick's house, and wait in Nick's livingroom for Daisy to come.  When she does come and Nick brings her to the livingroom, Gatsby has disappeared because he is so nervous about the reunion.  He comes back in the front door and Nick takes him to the livingroom.  The first person to speak is Daisy, who says, "I certainly am awfully glad to see you again" (91). Gatsby mumbles, "We've met before" (91).  He tries to appear casual and relaxed, but almost knocks over a clock! NIck finally leaves Daisy and Gatsby alone, but Gatsby is still quite nervous and follows Nick into the kitchen.  Nick tells him he is acting like a child, and encourages him to rejoin Daisy, which Gatsby does. When Nick returns to the room, there is evidence that Daisy has been crying, but Gatsby is ecstatic. 

The reunion continues with Gatsby, Nick, and Daisy going to Gatsby's house, so Gatsby can give Daisy a tour of the house. He is anxious to impress Daisy with his wealth and taste, and the two of them draw closer and closer, figuratively and literally.  Nick finally leaves them standing together. 

This is a beautiul and important scene, filled with great emotion and vivid description, and you would be wise to read it carefully. 

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