In The Great Gatsby, does Owl Eyes attend Gatsby's funeral to judge his character?

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In F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby, Owl Eyes is one of three people to show up to Gatsby's funeral, the other two being Nick Carraway, the narrator, and Gatsby's estranged father. 

Nick is surprised but pleased to see Owl Eyes, particularly given the fact that Owl Eyes' relationship with Gatsby was like Gatsby's relationship with so many others who in fact had chosen to not come to the funeral: Owl Eyes knew Gatsby almost solely by reputation and rumor, in part through attending the lavish parties that Gatsby would throw. 

Owl Eyes, when speaking to Nick at the funeral, does not judge Gatsby's lifestyle or choices; rather, he pities him and the fact that all of the people who took advantage of him in life have abandoned him in death. 

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