What are Gatsby's flaws in The Great Gatsby?

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I'm not sure exactly what your essay is supposed to be on, but Gatsby is a flawed character.  The narrator holds him in high esteem.  We feel sorry for him in his struggles with Daisy.  Gatsby seems to be one of the few decent men in the novel.  He is genuine and kind.  However, he is not the good guy he appears to be.  We know that Gatsby made his money through illegal channels.  Many of the things he says are lies.  For instance, we must question whether the war medal he carries was really earned as he says it was.  Even his fancy parties are a front.  Gatsby isn't throwing the parties because he enjoys them.  He hopes that Daisy will come.  Keep in mind that Daisy is a married woman.  Our great man Gatsby cannot be such a wonderful person if he is spending illegally earned money to gain the favor of a married woman.

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