The Great Gatsby Lesson Plans
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Great Gatsby Test

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True or False: Write “true” in the blank provided if the statement is true; write “false” if the statement is false. For a half point of extra credit, correct the false statements. (1 point each)

  • Gatsby and Nick go into business together.
  • Meyer Wolfsheim is a dentist.
  • Nick meets Tom’s mistress at a wedding at the Plaza Hotel.
  • Throughout the novel, Gatsby receives mysterious phone calls from various cities.
  • George Wilson gets Gatsby’s name as the owner of the yellow car from Michaelis.
  • Nick rents a house in West Egg, near Tom and Daisy.
  • Nick Carraway’s family is from the Mid-West.
  • Tom and Daisy have a daughter.
  • With the exception of Nick, Gatsby’s father, and the minister, no one else attends Gatsby’s funeral.
  • Daisy is driving the car that kills Myrtle Wilson.

Section Five—Short Answer: Write the answers to the questions below in short answer form. (2 points each)

  • ________Decade in which The Great Gatsby takes place
  • Name the two major changes to the Constitution during the time period mentioned above.
  • Two characteristics of a flapper
  • Like the billboard, the owl-eyed man symbolizes this
  • The Cause of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s death
  • Name one way Gatsby and Nick are alike.
  • Give one reason Nick is an effective and trustworthy narrator.
  • What do Tom and Daisy have in common that causes them to stay together?
  • Name two ways that Gatsby and the author Fitzgerald are alike.
  • How does the author’s view of the American Dream differ from the standard definition of the dream?

Matching: Write the letter of the correct answer. Each choice may be used once, more than once, or not at all.

A. Jay Gatsby

B. Daisy Buchanan

C. Tom Buchanan

D. Jordan Baker

E. Myrtle Wilson

F. George Wilson

G. Nick Carraway

H. East Egg

I. West Egg

J. the green light

K. the color white

L. the Valley of Ashes

M. the billboard of Dr. Eckleburg

N. automobiles

36. _____It normally symbolizes purity or innocence but it’s ironic in Gatsby because of Daisy’s association with it.

37. _____The narrator of the novel

38. _____ Former college football star

39. _____ Extremely wealthy; Nick’s next-door neighbor

40. _____ Owns a garage for car sales and repairs

41. _____ Gatsby’s beautiful “golden girl”

42. _____ Golfer who drives recklessly

43. _____ He is seen staring at a green light across the bay

44. _____ Received a puppy and a punch in the nose from her boyfriend

45. _____ Shot Jay Gatsby

46. _____ Kept a journal of self-improvement as a young man

47. _____ Home to mansions of so-called “old money”

48. _____ Symbolizes the eyes of God

49. _____ Location of Gatsby’s mansion

50. _____ A wasteland described as a “fantastic farm”; a gray, desolate area

51. _____ Status symbol of the rich

52. _____ “Her voice is full of money”

53. _____ Arrogant, racist, hypocritical

54. _____ Destroyed because he loved his own wife

55. _____ Symbolizes the unreachable dream

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Mid-level difficulty test for The Great Gatsby.